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CFD Charities, Inc.


Chicago Fire Department Charities, Inc. is an umbrella 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that will collect donations from sources such as payroll deduction and other miscellaneous donations and split evenly with the listed sub-charity member organizations that support the Chicago Fire Department; it's past and present members; and its history.

  • The Fire Museum of Greater Chicago, Inc. preserves the history, heritage and artifacts of the fire service by providing education, research and displays. The Museum creates a place of honor and pride for all those who have served in this great profession.

  • The Fire Chaplain's Ministry Fund, Inc. provides non-denominational spiritual, emotional and financial help to active and retired members of the CFD and their families in their time of need.

  • The 5-11 Club, Inc. provides the Emergency Services Canteen to distribute refreshments at all major incidents of the CFD, CPD and other emergencies; supports injured members; provides an awards program and participates in other fire related events.

Sometime in the near future we will be initiating a fundraising campaign. Money  is always the prime requirement for being a top notch unit and we are very much in need of funds if has been an expensive couple of years for us and it won't get any less now that we get under way. please get together at the kitchen table and fill out the City Employee Charitable Contribution form and on line #29 you will find the CFD Charities.  This will give the Museum, Chaplains and Canteen unites a payroll deduction contribution. If you are not an active paid member you can also send a contribution to CFD Charities Inc. 1140 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Illinois 60607-2906. And this includes any business, neighbor or friend that you can touch for a contribution. It would be great if every firehouse of the CFD e involved. we will have plaques for participants.