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Letter from The President

                                                                                                                                                                                            Winter 2011

FMGC Members and Fire Service Friends;

Come on Everybody!!!

 We need help in pursuing EVERYONE to join the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago

 So far our progress has been good, but as you know the economy has lessened our efforts and help is needed, so that your Fire Department history is saved for your families and future generations. This venture is for yours and yours alone. Those that receive the newsletter already are helping and I now implore those members to put the arm gently on those who are not members.

 The entire FMGC board are volunteers and spend many house of their day working on and for the success of the museum.

 Our slogan is Dont throw anything out. We can use it at the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago. That slogan seems to be working, almost every day calls are received that someone has memorabilia and memories they want to share.

 So come on and join us at the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago. We are looking for active, retired blue shirts to bosses and also anyone interested in the history of the fire department.

 Also, Im sure we have some mighty talented tradesmen and women out there too and their help is needed. Weve had many of our brothers do a lot of work to make the museum what it is today. The Trade Unions of Chicago have been most generous to us.  

It is very gratifying on our Open House Days to hear visitors comment so positively on what has been done.

 You might also contribute to the CFD Charities Inc., a payroll deduction program thru the Department Finance Division. This has been an added solution to the finances of the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago, the C.F.D. Chaplains Ministry and the 5-11 Clubs Canteen. A few bucks a payday shouldnt be missed.

 My best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

 Stay Safe and Watch Out for Each Other.

 Bill Kugelman, President

H. 773-267-5839

C  773-206-9555  (anytime)